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PHILIP ZIMBARDO, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University, and author of The Lucifer Effect, writes:
"I was most impressed with the combination of depth and breadth in this treatment of evil; depth in the search for and elucidation of the sources or origins of different kinds of evil and of the systems that generate and perpetuate evil, and breadth in the rich reach of ideas across many domains of knowledge. Together they combine to make fascinating, essential reading."

ILAN PAPPE, Professor of History, University of Exeter, and author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, writes:
"This is an extraordinary book. I cannot judge the biological aspects of the tyrannical few who rule political and economic elites in the modern era, but intuitively I am convinced that it is a pathological condition. The analysis and prognosis offered in this book rang true and valid again and again when I thought about my own work, both with regards to [the Nakba of] 1948 and the history of the Israeli occupation."

PHILIP R. DAVIES, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield, and author of Whose Bible Is It Anyway?, writes:
"[Political Ponerology] impressed me in lots of ways and provoked me to think more about the nature and origin of what we call 'evil'. The strongest part of the book is the analysis of how psychopaths gain power and of the behaviour of such societies. It is undoubtedly true that psychopaths exist and are dangerous and manipulative. I believe, perhaps optimistically, that a powerful social ethos (which is these days somewhat less than it used to be) works in reducing the capacity for individuals to behave selfishly - a similar kind of mechanism that persuades people to accept and follow psychopaths. That is part of the solution too. In all, a book I was pleased to have read and which I hope will continue to promote the study of how a certain kind of evil spreads. And especially in continuing to name as 'evil' things that many people are unable to see as such."

CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS, founder of Solari Investment Advisory Services and Assistant Secretary of Housing in the first Bush Administration, writes: (Read the full review HERE)
"I found [Political Ponerology] chock full of deeply useful insights that can inform organizing to shift our situation. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is managing human or financial risk in this environment or is looking to create healthy change. It helps you understand why conspiracies of the healthy and 'coming clean' are essential. Political Ponerology is a book to read slowly. The insights are deep and rich - they require focus and concentration. And the point comes home again and again: Ignotas nulla curatio morbid - do not attempt to cure what you do not understand."

CAROLYN BAKER, psychotherapist, professor of history and psychology, and author of Sacred Demise: Walking the Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization's Collapse, writes: (Read the full review HERE [mirror])
"After I read the book, a number of nagging questions about the policies and practices of government and corporate officials began to answer themselves in that Lobaczewski's analysis goes to the heart of why the United States government has become a criminal enterprise hell bent on dominating the world and annihilating vast quantities of human beings globally and domestically. Political Ponerology is an invaluable work that every human being striving to become conscious, should read, not only for its expose of the pathology of the individuals currently in control of the United States government, but also the light it may shed on individuals closer to home, some of whom may be friends, fellow-activists, business or civic leaders. The book's purpose is to cultivate discernment and buttress our trust of our innate intuition in order to navigate the daunting manifestations of evil that surround us in the twenty-first century."

SILVIA CATTORI, freelance journalist, writes: (Read the full interview, "The Trick of the Psychopath's Trade," HERE)
"I think everyone should read this book because it provides the keys necessary for understanding events that we often can't comprehend. The book describes the origins of 'evil', its true nature, and illustrates how it spreads throughout society."
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Video review by Daniel Kemp, Earth Emperor, July 20, 2009

Review by Pavel Podolyak, The Pragmatist, January 2, 2010


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